What do I need to buy along with my moe-joe cell in order to connect it to my car's engine?

The "All-in" package deal contains all the elements you need to get the car connected to the engine.

In order to properly connect the moe-joe cell to the vacuum air intake of your engine, you will need to purchase a) an aluminum connector: which interfaces between the cell and the transfer tube b) A transfer tube. The transfer is a standard fuel line and is available in many mechanic shops and hardware stores. It is being offered here for the buyer's convenience. Also optional is the steel spring which fits over the transfer tube. We have discovered that orgone / scalar energy is propagated along a conductor in the opposite fashion to electricity. Electricity requires the insulator outside the metal/conductor, whereas orgone / scalar energy, which is produced by the moe-joe cell, propagates best by having the conductor outside the insulator. You can forego buying the steel spring and just wrap your transfer hose in aluminum foil to save some dollars. The car kit comes with a bismuth core and all the necessary spacers. Xtra spacers are an option as a backup if you lose or damage some. 

For the car cell application, do I need to purchase a water charging kit? What is it for? For car operation, it is recommended to also purchase the water charging kit to prepare the water for installation in the car cell. This is not obligatory, as you can charge the water in the car kit as well, before installing, but when you have the water charging kit, you have the advantage of being able to observe the stage / state of the water, and do not need to clean your car cell before installing, if the water should get dirty, or "burnt." Also, water charging cell charges water better than the car cell. The water charging kit is also optimal for healing and consciousness purposes and is superior to car kit for the meditator, healer, and prayer enhancer enthusiasts. It's nice to have one around. the Deluxe Package contains both a moe-joe cell water kit and a car kit.
Are the results guaranteed with my purchase of the moe-joe cell? No. There are no guaranteed results because the moe-joe cell must be properly assembled, the water adequately charged, the cell then installed in the engine compartment of the car properly. If a person can follow instructions, then the experimenter will get results. How good depends on how well one can follow instructions, and also depends on the type of car. Some sort of a tweak to the car's computer may be necessary to get larger fuel mileage savings, although some experimenters have been getting good results without touching anything on the car's computer. Please refer to the FAQ for more discussion on this topic.
Do I save any money buying more than one Moe-Joe cell at a time?

2 cells - 10% - this is called the Deluxe Package.

What is a bismuth core and why do I need one?

Bismuth core

The bismuth core is designed to hold the entire cell together, and sits right in the centre of the cell. Being in the centre, it enhances the diamagnetism of the cells' centre greatly, and is a tremendous item to have situation there. Bismuth has the highest diamagnetism of any substance, and is non-toxic. It is also has the highest Hall effect, which is ideal for what we are trying to create in the Moe-Joe cell. 

note: 1 bismuth core is included with each kit.

I like the sounds of all of this, but I am very new to this technology and would like to get involved but don't know where to start? This website is packed with instructional videos, content, and information to bring you up to speed on what is a moe-joe cell, how to assemble it, and how to prepare and operate a moe-joe cell. Please take advantage of this site, and please send us any questions you may still have after reviewing the materials.
How much does shipping cost? You can see the amount shipping will cost once you click on Checkout and input your address. This comes before payment.
Can I return the Moe-Joe cell if it doesn't work for me? We take a lot of time to fulfill every custom order, and we check every order closely to ensure the order has been fulfilled properly, and all the steel is good to go, so we don't take any returns. We will fix any orders that have we have fulfilled incorrectly. We also do not offer refunds for experimenters who are not getting results, as we know, with the proper experimentation technique and proper investigation of the technology, everyone is capable of getting results, to greater or lesser degrees. We do not offer guarantees