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Moe-Joe Cell Healing / Water Charging Kit

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Moe Joe Cell Healing / Water Charging Kit

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  • 3.5" + 4.5" (recommended)
  • centred

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Kit Includes: 

2", 3", 4", 5" hemispheres

1 bismuth core.

1 set of spacers.

The option for Xtra spacers is if you'd like to have extra spacers, in case some are lost or damaged. 

Hemispheres are supplied unpolished!

Bismuth core mounted onto a solid 8" 316 threaded rod. The bismuth is mounted as follows --3.5'--BI---4.5"--- (recommended for water charging and car kit installations) Please indicate if you would like a truly centered bismuth core for your installation by clicking on 'centred' just beneath the price box area.

This is the Moe-Joe Cell water charging kit which can be used to charge water for healing and consciousness or for preparation to be placed into the car kit. The stainless steel is 316 and non-magnetic. It fits perfectly together.

It is recommended to charge your water with the water charging kit and to use the car kit only for the car installation. 

Exploded view

Hemispheres will be supplied unpolished! Glass jar not included.

Connectors as seen below. 
316 Stainless steel threaded rod and nuts.
Nylon spacers made to measure, including nylon tube to protect and shield cathode (stainless steel bolt carrying electricity to central sphere) Threaded Nylon bolt for securing one side of hemispheres to other. Nylon hex nuts. Plus inner nylon threaded tapped spacer for securing stainless threaded bolt to nylon threaded bolt for securing both hemispheres together. (click here for discussion on use of nylon spacers instead of ebonite)